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Fyns Amts Avis

  • Written by lars

SØSIDEN Fyns Amts Avis 7. April 2017


Comments from Torsten Jacobsen , event manager, Rune Schytt-Nielsen, Star sailor , Flemming Sørensen Race manager and Star sailor



 Foto: Søren Stidsdholt Nielsen, Fyns Amts Avis


Troense sailing club is going to be host for the World Championship in the legendary Star boat. About 80 crews from more than 20 countries are going to race on Lunkebugten in July

You cannot miss this trophy. Right now the sun is sparkling in this huge trophy on the table standing outside Troense sailing club.

The beauty of the trophy can be discussed. But you cannot discuss the names of many of the sailing history´s super stars that are engraved in the more than 100 years old trophy. One of the names is Poul Elvstrøm and Dennis Conner. Elvstrøm´s name is mentioned twice . Mr Americas cup, Dennis Conner three times.

pokal b1000


-The legendary Star boat

Star is an international keel boat designed in 1911 by the American Francis Sweisguth (1882-1970)

The star boat´s  edged hull and flat bottom has kept it´s originally shape. A large main sail and a light and flexible rig require both a good physical condition and good technical knowledge from the crew of two men.

More than 8400 star boats have been built, the first boats in wood and from about 1970 in glass fiber with alumast. There are more than 2200 Star boats actively racing today from 40 different countries. There are about 15 Star boats actively racing in Denmark .

It is the oldest Olympic class, having first been used in competition in 1932 until 2012 (except in 1976)

Main data:


6.9 M



1.75 M



1.0 M



671 KG

1479 Lbs

Sail Area

26.5 Sq. M

285 Sq. Ft.


Sail; Main sail 20,5 m2 , fok 7,5 m2. Originally gaff rigged now Bermuda rigged

Sail mark: a red star with 5 peaks

Known Star boat sailors; The president of the USA John F Kennedy and his brother Robert. Also the world class sailors Dennis Conner (WM- Gold 1971, 1977 and 1978) and the danish Poul Elvstrøm (WM gold 1966 and 1967) sailed the Star.

Website for star WM in Troense sailing club;

Jury at the World Championship in Troense is Thomas Jørgensen, Horsens. Earlier sailor from Svendborg and still with close connection to the sailing activities in the South of Funen. On Thomas´ CV you can find Jury jobs at seversl Olympic Games and Svendborg Classic Regatta.


Packed in quite a large box the trophy was transported from Miami in Florida to Troense harbour. Star sailor Rune Schytt-Nielsen, Thurø brought the trophy back. He participated in the race Baccardi Cup in Florida and in a meeting in the Star boats international  organization (ISCYRA). Rune represented Troense Sailing club which is hosting the World Championship for Star boats from 29th June to 9th July this year. Latest hosted by ; Buenos Aires and Miami….

The valuable Trophy is kept by the main sponsor Fynske Bank, Svendborg  until the World Championship is taking place.


-The harbour will be cleared and closed (for other boats)

The hosting of the World Championship is one of the most prestigious events ever in the sailing history of South Funen.

The sailing club is awaiting 80 crews (of 2 persons) and their families, friends and helpers. More than 20 countries are expected to be represented .

The event is going to be handled by Troense sailing club with base in their own relatively little harbour . This means that all the members´ own boats have to be removed from the harbour to make room for all the Star boats. No other “guest boats” are permitted in the harbour during the 10 days the event takes place. Near the harbour a 300 m2 pavillon village is built or rather a racing village. Everything is in the detailed process of the planning and Event manager and member of the board Torsten Jacobsen can show detailed drawings of the land base of the World Championship. Here the sailors can relax before and after the races, videos from the races will be shown, and you can get a refreshment while looking over the harbor.


-This will also promote South Funen

We are very happy for the unique support that we are getting from all over. Among others all the volunteers from the club, citizents living in Troense, sponsors, Svendborg Event and other sailing clubs in the area. Events of this kind is promoting all of South Funen says Flemming Sørensen Race manager and vice chairman in Troense sailing club.


-Troense has atmosphere

Rune Schytt-Nielsen and Flemming Sørensen are both active Star – sailors. This arose the first thoughts of getting a big Star event to Tåsinge. Troense sailing club has several times hosted the star boat sailors  North European Championship “Henry Rasmussen Memorial Cup” (named after the world known boat designer from Svendborg). Troense got very good feed back and it was also mentioned to the Star Boats international organization (ISCYRA) that Troense had the potential of handling a World Championship for the legendary boat class.

It was supposed to be Europe this year. We won ahead of Monaco, St. Tropez and Napoli. Big cities can offer a lot, but we stated that Troense has atmosphere, the steering committee members say  consisting of Mette Heide-Jørgensen, Per Rank, Flemming Sørensen, Torsten Jacobsen and Rune Schytt-Nielsen.


-Troense in the sign of the Championship

During the days of the championship a lot will be going on in Troense. By now the hotel is getting booked and so are “bed and breakfasts” and vacation homes in the area. Troense´s voluntarily driven  grocery store is preparing for the championship. The old “steamer”/ ferry “Helge” is having extra tours during the event and Tåsinge hallen (the sports center) is reserved for measuring of sail, the great dinner and the awards ceremony where the big trophy will be handed over.


 soren s nielsen

By Søren Stidsholt Nielsen

”English summary, by Tine Heide ”