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See you in Troense

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It is with great pleasure and pride that we arrange the Star World Campionship in Troense from the 29'th of June till the 9'th of July 2017.


As you probably already know it is not a big city that host the championship this time. It is just the opposite. We invite you to a small intimate invironment that is totally unique in Denmark. Our small village consisting of 1.100 inhabitants is surrounded by towering woods and lush cornfields descending towards the South Fyn Archipelago.


Troense is a village characterized by many well cared for traditionel half-timbered houses with thatched roofs. Our village might be one of the most beautiful villages in the Kingdom of Denmark. It is a village where the grocery store "Storms Hjørne" (Storm's Corner) is run solely by volunteers.

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Troense has a long history connected to the sea. Along Svendborgsund you found many small shipbuilders. And in the very big back yards of the houses in Grønnegade (Green Street) were plantations with blooming apple trees. The harvest of apples was distributed by boats to harbours all over Denmark. Part of that tradition is still kept as a flotilla of wooden ships deliver the harvest in neighboring Svendborg every autumn. The ships are received with great festivity. Grønnegade is considered the longest and most well preserved street in any village in the country.

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Up to 80 volunteers are ready to help you to solve any practical problems. We will establish a racecamp directly in Troense harbour. The racecamp will be our meetingpoint during the races.


From Troense harbour on the island of Taasinge there is only a short boat trip to the charming maritime city of Svendborg only five kilometers away. Svendborg is the main town of the area.


Svendborg was the center of great fleets of  schooners that crossed the seven oceans in the late 19'th and the beginning of the 20'th century. It was also here the foundation of the world famous A.P. Møller Maersk shipping company was laid out.

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The mayor of Svendborg Lars Erik Hornemann is looking forward to see the many foreign and Danish competitors.


"Having such old maritime traditions in the South Fyn Archipelago, we feel sure that you'll return home with a lot of positive experiences in the bag. We are really looking forward to receiving you and your companions".


During the races the old ferryboat Helge, built in 1924, will serve a shuttle service in the morning and again in the afternoon between Troense and Svendborg.

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The remaining of the day Helge is serving mainly tourists sailing a trip between the islands in Svendborgsund. Helge put in at Troense, and you and your companions have the oppertunity to go directly to some nice and lively sandy beaches and visit Valdemar Castle. A castle connected to Danish kings, a navel hero and James Bond author Ian Fleming's family.  But that is another story.

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We'll try to inform you a little more about the area and the more pratical stuff  concerning our racecamp in the upcomming newsletters.


We hope to see you in Troense!

Text: Johnni Balslev

Photo: Knud Morten.


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