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ICARUS 4. July

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

VNR Alert: Star World Championship - Back on the water again
Star World Championship 2017 - Day 3
Star World Championship - Day 3

After yesterday’s cancellation of the sailing, due to strong winds, the majority of sailors were eager to race again.

In consideration of today’s weather forecast, with risk of winds like on the first race day, five crews decided to postpone their competing until the next race to protect their rigging and sails and did not start.

Today’s race was postponed for 2 hours, due to strong winds, but at 13.30 o’clock and after a restart, the race was on with 59 boats on the start line.

Despite wind conditions like in the previous race, there were no broken masts today.

Nine boats did not finish the race due to damages on sails or rigging and after a very challenging competition the final battle for stepping on the podium was between boats from Argentina, Germany and Norway.

The winners of race no. 2 are:

 Crew  Sail no.  Nationality
 1  Facundo Olezza Baza / Juan Pablo  Engelhard 8502 Argentina
 2  Reinhard Schmidt / Paul Sradnick 8427 Germany
 3  Eivind Melleby / Joshua Revkin 8317 Norway

Aged 23 years old, today’s no. one winner Facundo Olezza Baza is the youngest helmsman of all in this World Championship, a very optimistic sign for the Star Class!!

Star World Championship DK 2017
Dates:     29 June - 9 July 2017
Venue:    Troense, Denmark 
Web:       www.starworlds2017.com




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