An old Star is being reborn

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In the heading 'An old Star is being reborn' numerous of great stories are hidden:

First of all, a Star Boat 'Leise' from the year of 1952, no. 3261, is at the moment beeing repaired and getting ready for show of in Troense Marina when the Star World Championships 2017 takes place.

Leise 1
Photo: Armed with a heat gun, volunteer Klaus ‘Baba’ Jensen is removing the paint off the star boat inch by inch at The Danish Yachting Museum in Svendborg.

But 'Leise' is more than just and "old Star" getting a serious facelift. It has a very special history of its own - as well as previously owner, yachtsman Ejnar Christensen!

'Leise' has, at a very young age, on the 29th of June 1952 transported the Olympic flame across Lillebælt (the small strait between Jutland and Funen)!

The torch had been flown from Athens to Aalborg in the north of Jutland, before being carried southwards by several athletes.
Ejnar Christensen took over the torch at the old ferry pier at Snoghøj, and then proceeded to cross Lillebælt.
There was a strong wind that day, and when he approached Funen, the magical flame was blown out!
Luckily, Ejnar Christensen never went anywhere without a glowing cigar, and he quickly lit the Olympic flame again. After spending the night in Odense on Funen, the torch then continued on its way towards the Olympic host city of Helsinki!

Read many more details about 'Leises' condition at the moment, and the efforts beeing made to repaire this particular Star Boat at The Danish Yachting Museum in Svendborg.
The Danish Sailing Association has also set up a crowdfunding plan, allowing Star sailors from across the world to chip in to help save the historical boat.


Fynske Bank Sport Saturday 2017

Fynske Bank Sport Saturday 2017 - Prices announced and given for 2016.

Looking forward to sports activities 2017 on FYN and connected islands. 


STAR Worlds 2017 Troense Baadelaug/ Danish Star Fleet are participating and presenting the top sailing Event for 2017. The STAR boat world championship 2017. 

We placed Jan´s Folli DEN 8066 at the entrance. All guests saw the boat and got the message. Our intention with this is to commerce? Worlds 2017 and give our local clubs an idea about which event we have in the waters of Troense and Svendborg in June and July - great sailing in a great boat on a high competitive level. Some of the world’s best sailors will be present. 

It was a pleasure for us to explain about the Starclass, the boat itself and what it means for TBL to arrange the Worlds. Many volunteers are already allocated and committed for now. We have planned meetings in process for issues like, Logistic`s, Press and Media, Sailing area team etc. A lot of activities have to be evaluated and handled before end of June where about 80 boats are approaching Svendborg. In the steering committee we expect many crews to bring their families to Svendborg for vacation while daddy is sailing. 

Saturday we met various VIPs in order to present Worlds 2017. Among them were mayors from other communities on Fyn and of course our Mayor of Svendborg. 


Chairman of Sport Activities Fyn. John Christensen. As “old” experienced sailor a bright support for TBL. Mr. John Christensen is former Chef de Mission for the Danish sailing Olympic team. 

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