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Paul Elvstrøm


When the Star World Championchip 2017 takes place in Troense, Denmark, it is exactly 50 years ago that Paul Elvstrøm won the Star World championship - also here in Denmark.

At the age of 88 years the legendary sportsman slept in Wednesday morning 7th December.

He managed to win 4 Olympic gold medals and 13 world championships in 8 different classes - here of 2 in the Star. Paul Elvstrøm was a glitterati and a role model for many. An excellent athlete who will never be forgotten and always missed.

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Photo from 1966. Paul Elvstrøm and his crew John Albrechtsen together with all the trophies they had won, the sweaters were swept over them after the last race at the World Championship in Kiel.The following year Paul again won the World Championship in his home waters outside Skovshoved in Denmark.

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