Volunteers lifts the World Championship in the Starboat



Event Manager Torsten Jacobsen rings the bell. The participants are waving and smiling to each other, chattering the speaker.


"Now it's closing time for new ideas, thank you so much. " We are now following the plan we have laid down, "Torsten Jacobsen said, with a big smile. He is responsibility for the overall coordination of the practical part of the World Championship.


Now the individual groups present their different areas of responsibility. This includes the registration and survey of the 82 participating boats, disposal of cars and trailers, welcome to the race village at the harbour, catering to the many guests and volunteers, the control of the race at the sea at Lunke Bay, the relationship with the press, etc. . Everybody seems to be in control of their area. After a few hours, everything has been reviewed and the volunteers split again after handshake and hugs.


"It is surprising that there are so many details in such a project," admits Torsten Jacobsen.


It is clear that a small town like Troense with only 1,100 inhabitants is affected by such a big event. The centre of the city has been traffic subdued and the many boat trailers have found space on the former shipyard site Jacobsens Plads in the direction of Svendborg Sund.


Troense was previously characterized by many small shipyards along the shore. They provided ships for sailing the apple harvest from the island's plantations to many Danish provincial cities. A tradition held to be honoured each autumn, when apples from the private gardens are sailed to nearby Svendborg. Today the fruits are grown along Denmark's most beautiful countryside, Grønnegade in which many of gardens behind the old houses with thatched roofs, are up to 200 meters long.


Torsten Jacobsens wife Stella is active in the Service Group who takes care of the participants when they all gather in Race Village after the daily sailing in Lunke Bay. 



Stella is part of a group of 22 women led by the smile of Grete Sommer.



Stalla Jacobsen

"I will take care of sailors and guests in our Race Village," Stella Jacobsen says. We have established a 300m2 Star Village directly on the harbour. Everyone is welcome. But we are here primarily to service the many sailors. We are three at work in the morning and five in the afternoon when the sailors comes ashore.


Else Andersen sits next to Stella Jacobsen. She has lived all her life in Troense, while Stella moved here three years ago.



Else Andersen


Else provide food for the many volunteers.


"It's breakfast, lunch, sandwiches and packed lunches for those who go to the water, Else smiles. It's 50 times breakfast, 30 lunches and 20 for lunch. We make sure they do not get the same everyday.


They both agree that it is a pleasure to live in the small idyllic Troense at Svendborg Sund. They are delighted with it every day. The World Championships strengthens the unity of the community in the small town next to Svendborg.


"The great support clearly confirms the unity of Troense," Stella and Else concur with a big smile.


The holding of the World Championships in Starboat illustrates how much can be done if you have local support. And it is in Troense Boat Club.




By Johnni Balslev, June 30, 2017, 20403669

World Championship official website with facts:

(The article is translated into English by keno 01.07.2017)

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