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ICARUS 5. July

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

VNR Alert: Star World Championship (Races 3 and 4) - A busy day at sea!
Star World Championship 2017 - Day 4
Star World Championship - Day 4

Because of Monday’s cancellation and due to a tricky weather situation the next couple of days in Denmark, the race management team decided to run 2 races today, race no. 3 and race no. 4.

Stable wind direction and wind speeds between 16 to 20 knots in combination with a clear sky gave the best races so far.

Race no. 3 was launched after a restart with “Black flag”, while race no. 4 was perfect with all the boats lined up like pearls on a string.

The overall rank (covering races 1 to 4) is:

Rank  Crew  Sail no.  Nationality
 1  Eivind Melleby / Joshua Revkin 8317 Norway
 2  Lars Grael / Samuel Goncalves 8474 Brazil
 3  Reinhardt Schmidt / Paul Sradnick 8427 Germany

The ruling World Champion Augie Diaz, won race no. 3, resulting in overall rank of 4.

The best Danish rank is held by Jørgen Svendsen / Jens Christian Jurlander as no. 12.

Today's prize ceremony was a bit of a logistic exercise for the Chairman of Troense Baadelaug Lars Hansen.

- There were prizes for the three best in race 3 and the same for race 4.
- There were trophies for the ones with the best total rank after race no. 3 and race no. 4.
- Finally, there was a prize of honour for one of the veterans within the Star Class, Sune       Carlsson.

Ashore, more personalities within the sail sport show up here in Troense, which is a big gesture for the event.

The latest visitor is Poul Mik-Meyer, who will spend some time in Race Village. Mik-Meyer became world champion exactly 50 years ago, together with Paul Elvstrøm.

It’s obvious that the Star Class includes many traditions and a lot of veneration for the class and for its history.

Tonight there is midway party with open grill and live jazz music for the sailors and the volunteers and fortunately the wind has dropped and the temperature increased.

Star World Championship DK 2017
Dates:     29 June - 9 July 2017
Venue:    Troense, Denmark 
Web:       www.starworlds2017.com



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